Lukasz Maliszewski

About Me


I am a Poland based, self-taught, enthusiast travel and street photographer. I love finding unusual correlation between light, geometry, colours and movement in everyday life. I always look for natural light and try to capture “untouched” realistic scenes.

My job as a ship navigator allowed me to see places I would never visit otherwise. It inspires me to grab my camera, go out on the streets and shoot. For many years I was using a Contax camera with 45mm film and that’s it. That was the time I learnt about composition, as there are not many options in such a basic camera, not even zoom or ISO. Today I still like the character of the film but I still remember all the images that went completely wrong, unfocused, overexposed etc. I wish I could come back with my Fuji XT-2 camera to all these places again.

If I have to mention two photographers that inspire me the most, that would be Alex Webb and Steve Mccurry. You can clearly see the influence of their work in my pictures.

Awards and Exhibitions

Ipa, International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention in OneShoot: Street Photography
Exibartstreet, Jurors’ finalists selections, 2019
Blank Wall Gallery, Solo Photo Exhibitions in Athens, May 2018
BLUR Magazine Issue 61 , Editors` Pick, June/July 2018
BLUR Magazine Issue 60 , Editors` Pick, April/May 2018
“To Dobry Konkurs – Portraits” , Honorable Mention, 2018
IPPA (iPhone Photography Awards) , Honorable Mentions in Architecture, 2017

Private contact: / +48 501 392 350