Lukasz Maliszewski

About Me


I am a self-made photographer, driven by my passion for capturing the beauty of the world. My journey began when I stumbled upon the transformative documentary, “Genius of Photography” in 2012. Fuelled by an insatiable curiosity, I ventured into the art of photography with my first analog camera, the Contax G2. Initially fixated on the rawness of street photography, my subsequent travels inspired a natural evolution towards the tranquility of landscape photography.

As a nature enthusiast at heart, I find solace in the peacefulness of capturing the quiet, pristine beauty of our natural surroundings. In contrast to the bustling energy of street photography, my lens is drawn towards the raw, untamed beauty of the environment. Through my unique perspective, I strive to capture moments that allow others to experience the world with new eyes – to see the beauty in stillness, and the depth in silence.

Awards and Exhibitions